Julie Cobain-Williams

On my journey over the last 12 months I have been totally inspired by Adam and the lovely people I have met at The ACE Academy.


Adam has pushed me in a way which keeps me motivated and my strength has certainly increased as well as my mindset improving dramatically…


Liam Brown

I’ve been training with The Ace Academy for more than two years with both PT’s and group sessions. Adam creates a friendly, encouraging and fun environment for everyone regardless of your current level of ability or fitness.


In addition to training, being part of this group has introduced me to some great friends, and given me opportunities to get involved in fantastic events.


Tom Mills

A brilliant 3 years finishing by completing a marathon! Although I was slow I never in my wildest dreams thought I was capable of completing a full marathon.


Adam injects positivity and self-belief into all of us who train with him and is an inspiration to us all.


Natalie Lindsay

Your encouragement and constant motivation pushed me to heights I never thought possible. Thank you for inspiring me to make goals, achieve them and train to better my fitness and lifestyle…


Jen Cope

No words can describe the benefit I have received from training with the Ace Academy. I started attending group classes and PT sessions with Adam in March 2017 and I have never looked back. To say training with this team and being trained by Adam has revolutionised by life is an understatement.


Not only have I lost around 2 stone, but also I have gone from body fat which was high to now athletic. The biggest achievement has been going from being a novice runner


Calvin Lau

Adam has got to be one of the most motivated and driven people I’ve ever met and this is what attracted me to him as a personal trainer.


His infectious positivity is what you need to get through Adam’s workout! I really appreciate how Adam listened to what I wanted to achieve and designed a challenging workout regime for me to follow..


Jo Fish

After minutes of meeting Adam, I’d felt I was meeting up with an old friend I hadn’t seen in ages!


How could a new face, someone I had never heard of or laid eyes upon before, make me feel this way? I was drawn to Adam immediately, his friendly happy disposition and positive outlook took effect on me instantaneously as our conversation turned into something more than a superficial welcome.


Joe Carr

I got married in 2013. Like anyone else I wanted to be in top shape for my wife to be and those elusive wedding photos.


I train regularly with free weights but struggle with cardio as I have a form dwarfism (pseudo achondroplasia) which leaves me limited – simple cardio such as running, cycling isn’t possible.


Shaila Contractor

Adam has changed my life! I now value my health like never before and realise how important it is to keep fit and strong.


I have a family to look after but now know that I have to look after me as well as them.


Steve Clark

I was in a very bad state, both physically and mentally.


My ACE Life experience with Adam has opened my eyes to the limitless possibilities of the human body and thanks to my ACE Life experience I am now the fittest and healthiest I have been for years..


Alexandra Warner

I achieved my target today, a total weight loss of 7 stone! After years of battling with food, weight and fitness I was constantly “yo yoing” with my weight and at times getting really down – then Adam came into my life!


My “yo yoing” was driven by emotional eating, which I am sure plenty of people can relate to..


Steve Shoubridge

I want to thank Adam for his hard work with me, I was busy with work and my health was suffering as a consequence.


I had gained a lot of weight and knew a fitness professional would be ideal for me as I needed the accountability factor. To have Adam guide and advise me was the best decision I could make!


Sammi McGowan

I first began training with Adam to improve my general fitness and to tone up but also to gain some knowledge and confidence in the gym environment. Adam’s sessions offer so much more than the basics you may expect.


He listened to my goals and planned my sessions entirely to my needs. His infectious positivity, motivational attitude and his 100% commitment is second to none.